Inside of little Catherine’s mind…

Today, while I was looking through some old boxes under my bed I found an old notebook from when I was younger. In my first blog “The Spider”, I described a story I wrote when I was little. Well, yeah, I found the story. And I found it very hilarious, so without further ado, here it is, the completely unedited version =P
The Spider who Lost a Leg
Chapter One
Meet Jimmy
Meet Jimmy the spider. He was a big spider who could swim. He wasn’t scared of people. I mean he would think their only people. There’s not much chance they’ll sqwish me. Anyway about Jimmy. He’s not really scared of anything.
                But afterall everyones’ scared of something. Jimmy is actually scared of pencils. It’s quite surprising he isn’t scared of people because his cousin’s legs were pulled of by my sister and her friend. Jimmy as you have realised is not an ordinary spider. He doesn’t eat bugs. He only eats cheese. He also eats other things like lettace and cabbage. Now I bet your thinking how does he get these things. Well let me tell you a little secret. He sends one of the smaller spiders incase there are any pencils about and there’s this small secret opening under the fridge where only spiders can get in.
                Now your propably thinking ‘no way’, but it’s true. Jimmy sometimes sends bigger spiders, but I’ve only seen that once.
Chapter Two
What it is like to meet a pencil.
One day Jimmy wanted to get out of his plug and get his food himself. It was really because he was bored. So he got out of the plug and walked across the bath. He casualy strolled up the side of the bath and down the other side. He walked out of the bathroom but, oh no! He took a wrong turn. He ran into the ‘pencil room’ screamed Jimmy. Someone had closed and locked the door and there was no way out. Then Jimmy saw a window that was wide open. He climbed up and jumped out the window.
                Now to get back to the bath and start again. So he went back to the bath and started all over again. This took quite a tong time because he kept on stopping to make sure he was going the right way.
Chapter 3
I’m to big!
Eventualy he got to the fridge, but oh no he was to big. Oh Dear he thought, ‘I’m soo hungry’. He tried and tried, but he was still to big.
Chapter 4
My Leg
Unfortunately, this is where the story ends. Hope you enjoyed this rather bizarre excerpt into younger Catherine’s mind!