Flappy Bird…A Short Story

 His neck was aching and his palms were sweating. His thumb was starting to cramp and his eyes stung with the effort of keeping them open. He didn’t know how he had sunk to this level, and as he stared at the screen he wondered where it all went wrong. He thought back to when he downloaded the game…it felt like years ago. He remembered clicking the “install” button, so innocent, so naive.
                He laughed the first time the little yellow bird hit the pipe. “Gosh, this is fun!” He had said to himself. He played a few more rounds before remembering he had some work to be getting on with, and he put his phone down.
                He wished it was still that easy.
                His room was growing dark, the glowing light of his phone casting an unhealthy sheen over his face, lighting up the flecks of sweat along his brow. “Let the game crash,” He thought to himself. “Let it end so that I do not have to deal with this torment any longer.” But it didn’t, and so Henry continued into the wee hours of the morning, tapping and tapping, over and over.
                Every time he tried to close the app the lone eye stared up at him with an innocence not befitting its nature. He could hear it crying, begging him to continue. “Please don’t stop,” it said, “Just one more pipe. Please, just one more pipe.” And so he did.
                His head was pounding, but he was almost there. He could do this, he was so close to getting his new high score. His tongue was clenched between his teeth in concentration as he reached that nineteenth pipe. Almost there. He tapped the screen and watched in horror as the bird flew that tiny little bit too high and crashed headfirst into the mocking green pipe. His heart fell as he watched the words “Game Over” appear yet again on the screen.
                An anguished shriek echoed around his neighbourhood that night, followed by a shattering noise as a small black phone flew through the broken man’s window. Ironic, he thought, that even his now broken phone could fly better than flappy bird.
(I feel like I should apologise, I have no idea where this came from.) 

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