What I Learnt/Relearnt In 2015

Being that it’s nearing the end of 2015, I, along with the rest of the world, have begun to feel inexplicably sentimental. I love being sentimental and I love looking back on things, but I often look back and forget what I’ve learnt (which is silly) so I’ve decided to put everything I’ve learnt in one blog post, so that if I forget I can come back here and relearn it all. So this is really just for me, but I hope you enjoy it anyway:

What I Learnt/Relearnt in 2015

1) If somebody asks if you want a ‘store card’ they do not mean a loyalty card – say no otherwise you’ll end up crying in Starbucks.

2) You definitely do not want to be a journalist.

3) (Although you still aren’t 100% sure what you want to do yet. But that’s okay.)

4) You love spinach.

5) You panic too easily and you need to sort that out.

6) Turns out third year is hard. Who knew.

7) You’re not as bad at making friends as you’ve convinced yourself you are.

8) You like running once you get past the start of it.

9) (You also really like cake, so keep on running.)

10) Rely on God and you won’t be so stressed all the time.

11) Rely on yourself and you’ll be super stressed all of the time.

12) Seen exams are a waste of time.

13) You love writing poetry.

14) (You need to get permission before writing poetry in public places.)

15) You’re so grateful for your job.

16) It’s okay to ask God for what you want.

17) It’s okay for Him to say no.

18) (The answer is sometimes just not yet.)

19) You can make a  top notch stir fry.

20) You need to persevere.

21) Organising transport is not your forte.

22) Writing is.

23) Don’t live for the moments.

24) Your perspective isn’t necessarily the right one.

25) You can be far too emotional about situations that require calm, level thinking.

26) Be organised, but not everything falls into place when you are organised.

27) You should idealise less.

28) You say ‘chill out’ way too much.

29) If you end up living a single life when you’re older, you would still be happy.

30) Your knees are dodgy.

31) You can get a writing blog of 900 followers if you try.

32) You need to be patient. Things don’t happen on your time schedule.

33) There’s so much more for you to learn. 


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