What I’ve Learnt In 2016


  1. You maybe should have trusted your lecturer when he gave you the exam questions rather than spending over a month in the library
  2. You want to be a teacher? 
  3. (Everyone else saw that coming? Someone could have clued me in, though, I mean seriously?)
  4. Balance is important
  5. You are not defined by your grades
  6. Calligraphy is surprisingly fun (lol nerd) 
  7. Doing UCAS is not any more fun than it was in sixth year
  8. Some people actually think the stuff you write is worth reading
  9. You can’t (don’t? won’t?) drink caffeinated tea anymore. Not ideal, really, is it?
  10. Being patient is important 
  11. An ankle sprain really really hurts
  12. (Your friends are very very patient)
  13. You don’t need to have some sort of five year plan
  14. Getting a good sleep every night is important 
  15. (You very rarely get a good sleep)
  16. Your writing blog can reach 7900 followers without you having to dedicate all of your time to it
  17. You’re so over dramatic that it actually hurts sometimes (Seriously, chill out)
  18. You say a lot of stupid words – ‘bub’, ‘gal’, ‘y’all’, ‘chill’, ‘bud’ are all included in this list 
  19. You’re still too emotional about situations that require calm, level thinking
  20. You can trust your friends
  21. You’re a lot more extroverted than you thought. Sometimes
  22. Running isn’t all that bad
  23. (That’s a lie. It’s just a lot more bearable than you thought. But it does get easier)
  24. Orange hot chocolate though
  25. Trust God and things tend to be okay
  26. And even if they’re not okay – they will be one day because hope
  27. Time to yourself is important
  28. You are capable of a lot more than you thought
  29. Including getting a bird called Stuart out the house (even though he was probably inside for over 24 hours and you miss him now)
  30. Pray and things seem better
  31. Talk about the things you’re worrying about rather than ignoring them
  32. Sometimes you just gotta leave the library to spend time with friends – that’s okay
  33. Half the things you learnt in 2015 you learnt again in 2016 because sometimes these things don’t quite stick. It’s okay. You’ll get there eventually